How SEO works to rank the website

Everyone must have and still hear this word SEO every now and then but we tend to just let it go or the least we do is google the meaning about it and guess what? We still cannot get the whole meaning and concept of it. Well, it might be not important for general people or people working in fields where technology and media doesn’t exist or affect their business at all but the fields which are huge where work takes place online and has marketing, brand building everyday needs to be on their toe to make sure that they reach to a large number of people in a very short span of time and to do so SEO that is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is really important in fact now it has become an essential and a necessary thing to move the company and to be in the business world. In this blog we will be talking about what SEO is and how does it work and helps in ranking your website or anything of that matter.

Search Engine Optimization is the key to harnessing the power of natural search. It is focused on Organic search which delivers targeted traffic. It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine.

Let’s take an example and understand how SEO works. Now a company named XYZ has just begun their business and are planning to come in the market with a powerful message that is “We are better than others”. Now the question arises is how can they reach out to a large number of people at the short span of time. Here a team called ABC comes in and tells them that don’t you worry, we would like to help. XYZ trusts ABC to do the work and they give them at least 15 days to work on it. ABC’s job begins here where it sets a group of people wherein few works on the content that will go on XYZ’s website and few starts researching the “Keywords” that is used and searched the most by companies of niche as same as XYZs and by people respectively. There will be thousands of different keywords used out of which the essential keywords are chosen and an accessible content is created to target those key words and phrases. Once this is done then a link is built to lead search engine spiders to the content of course, that is a simplification but simple is a good start.

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A lot of other important steps that includes search volume, word tracker, SEO book keyword tool, meta data, meta description, title tags, header tags, driving traffic, making sure that search engine spiders find the content and few more are done. The process once completed, increases the chances of reaching out to large number of people as then the Google shows the website first and at the top relevant searches. People searching for one particular problem that XYZ can solve results by showing  XYZs site.

Here if you see XYZ is your company or business and we are ABC, a company that solves all your issues and thrives happily to help you reach closer to the success not just by website but overall. We dedicate a group of people just to make sure that each and every step and process is done right and is effective. SEO in the current moment and in the upcoming future is really important as the business world is huge and you do not want to get lost or not seen by people.We are Seo agency in Mumbai and provide seo in mumbai as SEO helps you get ranking which leads to more and more opportunities that can surely bring wonders to your company. Let’s meet for coffee!

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